Posted by: Calum Miller | April 4, 2012

John Loftus’ “endorsements”

Had to share this before I forgot:

You may have noticed in John Loftus’ book “Why I Became an Atheist” an endorsement on the inside cover from Christian philosopher Matthew Flanagan:

“Loftus is one of the few new atheists to actually address Christian scholars. I don’t think he succeeds, but at least he is doing so.”

I was initially rather impressed with this: Matthew is a reputable scholar, and I took this to be the conclusion of his review of the book. It actually quite tempted me to purchase Loftus’ book, what with it sounding like a pretty strong endorsement.

However, it turns out that this is from what actually happened. As Matthew writes:

“You’ll see a blurb from me in the front pages, I had an exchange with Loftus on MandM [Matthew’s blog]. I got a letter from Prometheus [Loftus’ publisher] where I got sent a free copy and was thanked for writing a blurb for their book. When I looked inside I discovered a sentence from the exchange had been placed in the front cover. Loftus has e-mailed me earlier asking my address. LOL”

So, far from being a ringing endorsement of the book, Loftus has taken a snippet from an entirely different conversation, where the context differs significantly: it becomes at least plausible that this is hardly an endorsement at all. Who knows what else was said in that conversation? I know plenty of scholars or pseudo-scholars who have “addressed” Christian scholars, but that does not imply the least bit of intellectual integrity on their part.

Oh well. John Loftus does what he needs to do to get his name out there, and I suppose this kind of dishonest publicising is what it takes.



  1. Loftus isn’t one I woud lift up as an example of honesty.

  2. ..And I wouldn’t lift myself up for my spelling of “would” as “woud.”

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