Online calculator for the resurrection

Following on from a few previous posts about the Jesus’ resurrection and the probability calculus, I’ve come up with a little calculator for finding out how the probabilities you put in modify the final probability of theism and of Jesus’ resurrection.

How it works: You fill in five probabilities related to theism, Jesus’ resurrection and the evidence for it, and it tells you the final resulting probability of theism, as well as the final resulting probability that Jesus was resurrected. Simple! I’m aiming to make it more comprehensive and rigorous once I’ve finished my exams, but this will at least give an easy-to-use, brief idea of how changing different probabilities modifies the final probabilities. Hopefully it will suffice for now! Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Online calculator for the resurrection

  1. I had to go to File->Create a Copy to get a working copy. How are you defining “natural theology”? Could you bold the posteriors on the interesting questions and get them to stand out better?

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