Full Defence of the Fine Tuning Argument

1. Introduction

Here I attempt an in-depth, comprehensive defence of the fine tuning argument. Before accusations of plagiarism, I note that I draw heavily on the work of Robin Collins here, though I have presented it in my own words and with my own examples, and the defences against objections will be largely my own. I will argue that the form and constant-values of the laws of physics, as well as the initial conditions of the universe, provide evidence for theism over the naturalistic single universe hypothesis (NSU), and over atheism. I have attempted to lay it out as clearly as possible so that, for example, if one already agrees with premise 4 of the argument, one can skip that section entirely and read the rest as free standing.


1. Introduction

2. Some preliminaries on formulation

3. The basic shape of the argument

4. Justifying premise 4

5. Justifying premises 5 and 6: Groundwork

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