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Welcome to Calum Miller’s blog

This was originally set up as an apologetics website, but now contains my thoughts on pretty much everything. Some of the articles are a few years old so please bear in mind the possible need for updating when reading.┬áMost of my recent material is found on the ‘blog’ section of my website.

Why do apologetics?


I am free to run or take part in any debates, Q & A sessions or other events at churches, Christian Unions, or with other organisations with whom my work coincides.

I am perfectly happy to answer any objections you want to raise yourselves, or perhaps any issues you may be struggling with inside the Christian faith. If you want my perspectives on a matter, please do feel free to contact me. Alternatively, if you want clarification on an article or it doesn’t make sense to you, I’m happy to discuss it. You can contact me in one of several ways:

Email: c.miller@oxon.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/calumiller

Alternatively, you can sign the guestbook.

Calum Miller