Academic Papers

Published papers
Should trainee doctors use the developing world to gain clinical experience?
B.J. Gilbert, C. Miller, F. Corrick, R.A. Watson. 2013. Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine, 8(1).

A Bayesian formulation of the kalam cosmological argument
C. Miller. 2014. Religious Studies, 50(4), 521-534.

Response to Stephen Law on the evolutionary argument against naturalism
C. Miller. 2015. Philosophia, 43(1), 147-152.

Is theism a simple hypothesis?: The simplicity of omni-properties
C. Miller. 2016. Religious Studies, 52(1), 45-61.

Human organisms begin to exist at fertilisation
C. Miller, A. Pruss. 2017. Bioethics, 31(7), 534-542.

A case for informing patients of the mental health benefits of religion
C. Miller. 2017. RCPsych (prize-winning essay).

Beyond infanticide: How psychological accounts of persons can justify harming infants
D. Rodger, C. Miller, B. Blackshaw. 2018. The New Bioethics, 24(2), 106-121.

Defeating objections to Bayesianism by adopting a proximal facts approach
C. Miller. 2018. Quaestiones Disputatae, 8(2), 165-179.

The intrinsic probability of theism
C. Miller. 2018. Philosophy Compass, 13(10).

What’s wrong with Tooley’s argument from evil?
C. Miller. 2021. Religious Studies, 57(2), 209-230.

Why God is probably good: a response to the evil-god challenge
C. Miller. 2021. Religious Studies, 57(3), 448-465.

Do animals feel pain in a morally relevant sense?
C. Miller. 2021. Philosophia, 49(1): 373-392.

Must we be perfect?: A case against supererogation
M. Fritts, C. Miller. Inquiry (forthcoming).

Maternal mortality from induced abortion in Malawi: What does the latest evidence suggest?
C. Miller. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(19), 10506.

In defence of single issue voting on abortion
C. Miller. Journal of the Oxford Graduate Theological Society, 2(2): 40-51.

The scourges: Why abortion is even more morally serious than miscarriage
C. Miller. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy (forthcoming).

Legalisation of abortion and maternal mortality in Ethiopia
C. Miller. Ethiopian Medical Journal, 60(2): 189-195.

Why Biblical arguments for abortion fail
C. Miller. Christian Bioethics (forthcoming).

Book chapters
The plausibility of abhorrent views, and why it matters
C. Miller. 2018. In C. Surprenant, D. Downs, eds. The Value and Limits of Academic Speech: Philosophical, Political and Legal Perspectives. Routledge.

The mental health complications of abortion
C. Miller. 2021. In R. Gatt, ed. Favur il-Hajja fil-Gul [In favour of life]. Rabat: Kjisna.

Unique from the start: the development of a new human life (updated regularly)
C. Miller. 2021. In R. Gatt, ed. Favur il-Hajja fil-Gul [In favour of life]. Rabat: Kjisna.

Telemedicine abortion is not safe for women
C. Miller in N. Colgrove, B. Blackshaw and D. Rodger, eds. Agency, Pregnancy, and Persons: Essays in Defense of Human Life. Routledge (forthcoming).

Abortion’s causal role in trauma and suicide
C. Miller in N. Colgrove, B. Blackshaw and D. Rodger, eds. Agency, Pregnancy, and Persons: Essays in Defense of Human Life. Routledge (forthcoming). Available on request.

Does legalising abortion reduce deaths from backstreet abortions? A multi-country survey
C. Miller (forthcoming).

Book reviews
Rethinking Human Nature by Malcolm Jeeves, ed.
C. Miller. 2012. Science and Christian Belief, 25(1), 68-70.

Arguments about Abortion: Personhood Morality and Law by Kate Greasley
C. Miller. 2018. The New Bioethics, 24(2),190-193.

The Pro-Life Pregnancy Help Movement by Laura Hussey
C. Miller. 2021. The New Bioethics, 27(4), 368-371.

Work in progress

I currently have papers in progress on maternal mortality from backstreet abortions, whether abortion is healthcare, abortion pill reversal, eugenic/disability-selective abortion, buffer/censorship zones, evidence on reduction of abortion rates, the societal consequences (particularly for women) of abortion legalisation, abortion in cases of rape, abortion where the mother’s life is in danger, and a variety of other topics in the ethics of abortion, and ethics and philosophy more generally. If you are interested in any of these, please get in touch.

I am also writing a number of books, including a comprehensive handbook on abortion ethics and policy and a book on Christianity and abortion. I am editing a volume on the reduction of abortion rates.


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