Academic Papers

I will put as many of my published academic papers here as possible.

Published papers
Should trainee doctors use the developing world to gain clinical experience?
B.J. Gilbert, C. Miller, F. Corrick, R.A. Watson. 2013. Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine, 8(1).

A Bayesian formulation of the kalam cosmological argument
C. Miller. 2014. Religious Studies, 50(4), 521-534.

Response to Stephen Law on the evolutionary argument against naturalism
C. Miller. 2015. Philosophia, 43(1), 147-152.

Is theism a simple hypothesis?: The simplicity of omni-properties
C. Miller. 2016. Religious Studies, 52(1), 45-61.

Human organisms begin to exist at fertilisation
C. Miller, A. Pruss. 2017. Bioethics, 31(7), 534-542.

A case for informing patients of the mental health benefits of religion
C. Miller. 2017. RCPsych (prize-winning essay).

Beyond infanticide: How psychological accounts of persons can justify harming infants
D. Rodger, C. Miller, B. Blackshaw. 2018. The New Bioethics, 24(2), 106-121.

Defeating objections to Bayesianism by adopting a proximal facts approach
C. Miller. 2018. Quaestiones Disputatae, 8(2), 165-179.

The intrinsic probability of theism
C. Miller. 2018. Philosophy Compass, 13(10).

What’s wrong with Tooley’s argument from evil?
C. Miller. Religious Studies (forthcoming).

Why God is probably good: a response to the evil-god challenge
C. Miller. Religious Studies (forthcoming).

Book chapters
The plausibility of abhorrent views, and why it matters
C. Miller. 2018. In C. Surprenant, D. Downs, eds. The Value and Limits of Academic Speech: Philosophical, Political and Legal Perspectives. Routledge.

Book reviews
Rethinking Human Nature by Malcolm Jeeves, ed.
C. Miller. 2012. Science and Christian Belief, 25(1), 68-70.

Arguments about Abortion: Personhood Morality and Law by Kate Greasley
C. Miller. 2018. The New Bioethics, 24(2),190-193.

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